Our innovative lawn mower lifts can take on any riding mower around. With MoJack mower lifts you can safely raise your garden tractor or ZTR mower for maintenance, repairs, and cleaning. MoJack is the name more and more do-it-yourselfers trust to take on the biggest jobs.

Helping Our Customers Get a Lift on Mower Maintenance

  • In terms of safety, MoJack seems to be built better – more rugged.

    Adam Henning

    Precision Lawn & Landscape

  • The greatest point is just the ease of operation and the safety features can’t be beat. You can feel confident that it’s going to do the job for you.

    Max Unruh

    Hustler Turf & Equipment

  • What I like most about the features with MoJack is the ability to raise the machine… how to get under the deck, how to get to the blades, how to clean underneath the deck.

    Don McCullough

    Wichita Tractor Company

  • I decided to buy the MoJack mainly for their safety features… for a solution to do my own maintenance. And I won’t get crushed when I climb underneath it.

    Adam Tripp

    Residential Customer

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