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MoJack is the Smarter Way to Get Things Done

That is why we have products beyond just lifts and hand trucks. The MoJack EasyStep will make crossing fences on the trail safer and easier than just trying to climb over. The MoJack workbench attachment lets you use your MoJack lift to its full potential, allowing you to get smaller projects up to a comfortable working height. And we have all the moving accessories that you'll need to get the job done right.

MoJack EasyStep Field Ladder - Durable Construction

EasyStep by MoJack

The EasyStep by MoJack makes crossing dangerous fences safe and easy. Access your favorite hunting ground or livestock without installing gates or damaging fences. The EasyStep is lightweight and folds up for easy storage and transport. There are no tools required for assembly and no small pieces to lose. The weather-proof finish means you can leave the EasyStep in place outside. The EasyStep can also make a handy extra ladder to have around the house for accessing things that are out of reach. This collapsible ladder is designed for fence crossing, hunting, farming and around the home. 

MoJack 4-Wheel Moving Dolly - Features

MoJack 4-Wheel Dolly

This four wheel dolly is great for moving and handy to have around the home or office. Supports up to 1000 lbs. Durable and easily maneuverable for heavy loads. Great for home, warehouse or professional movers. Perfect for furniture, appliances and other large loads.

MoJack LoadKicker Hand Truck Unloader - Efficient

MoJack LoadKicker Hand Truck Unloader

Unload with ease using The MoJack LoadKicker Hand Truck Accessory. Speed up deliveries, reduce lifting and lower back strain when unloading hand truck cargo. Great for professional movers or home use.

MoJack Mower Lift Workbench Attachment - Features

MoJack Workbench Attachment

The MoJack Workbench Attachment smartly converts your MoJack lawn mower lift into a sturdy worktable for push mowers and other small projects. The MoJack Workbench Attachment is engineered to put everything at a comfortable working height. The MoJack Workbench Attachment is compatible with MoJack Lifts: EZ, XT. & PRO (IMPORTANT: The Workbench Accessory is NOT compatible with any other MoJack Lifts).

MoJack Moving Blankets - Professional Quality

Moving Blankets

Keep furniture and other items safe while moving with MoJack Moving Blankets. Long-lasting fabric. For professional movers or home.

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MoJack is the smarter way to get things done. That's why we have products beyond just lifts & hand trucks.

EasyStep MoJack
Mower Lifts

These durable lifts are engineered to adjust to fit virtually any size of lawn tractor or riding mower.

MoJack Trans
Hand Trucks

Smart, innovative designs and rugged construction make light work of heavy items.

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