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HDL lift

Model #45501

The all-new HDL Lift is designed to lift from a hydraulic cylinder to make raising the mower faster and easier.  The automatic safety mechanism features a locking bar for added security.  When  you're ready to lower the lift, the cylinder engages the slow descent action to lower the mower without any jerky movements.  And it folds flat for easy storage.

About This Product
  • 500 lbs load capacity 
  • Hydraulic lift system
  • Raises 26" high
  • Signature Design: Slow descent hydraulic cylinder for smooth lowering 
  • Folds Flat for storage
  • For ZTR or Lawn and Garden Tractor Mowers
  • Wheel span 18.5" - 47.5" - see images for measurements. 

 Hydraulic Cylinder Operation: (DOWNLOAD FULL PDF


  • No Assembly Needed
  • Product weight total is 69lbs
What's Included

(1) HDL Mower lift assemlby with hydraulic cylinder, (2) wheel pads, (1) handle, (2) Safety Straps, (2) Push Pin


NOTE:  The HDL has 2 types of locking bar designs; STEP DOWN or  LIFT UP mechanisms. Please make sure to choose to correct manual for the type of locking bar mechanism on your HDL. 

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MoJack HDL Features and Demonstration Video

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