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Frequently Asked Questions

Which MoJack lawn mower lift is right for me?

All of the MoJack lawn mower jacks are designed to lift the front wheels of garden tractors, zero turn riders, ATVs or golf carts.

      • MoJack EZ has a front load capacity of 300 lbs. 
      • MoJack XT has a front load capacity of 500 lbs. 
      • MoJack PRO has a front load capacity of 750 lbs.
      • MoJack ZR has a front load capacity of 250 lbs.
      • MoJack Push Mower has a load capacity of 40 lbs.

If you need further assistance determining the right MoJack lift for your needs, please call 1-877-575-3173 for courteous customer service.

For addtional help, use the MoJack-to-Mower Sizing Chart (Click Here).

I am having trouble contacting MoJack online (ie. Contact us form, registration form). How can I reach them?

You can reach us by phone Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm cst at 1-877-4Mo-Jack / 1-877-466-5225.

How do I register my MoJack product?

(Click Here) to submit the online registration form, mail in the registration form that was inside the box or call 1-877-4Mo-Jack / 1-877-466-5225.

What does my warranty cover and how long am I covered?

The MoJack warranty covers against a failure due to a defect in material or workmanship within two years of purchase for residential use and within one year of purchase for commercial use. In order to be eligible for our warranty, the customer MUST register the product within 30 days of purchase. Any registration after 30 days from the date of purchase, will require a submission of proof of purchase before the jack will be eligible for warranty.

I can't get my MoJack EZ or MoJack XT to lower; my lawn mower is stuck up in the air?

Make sure to review your operating manual each time you use your MoJack lift. If your lawn mower is stuck in the lifted position it is likely that you haven't pulled the safety pin on the side of the tower while cranking the MoJack lift back down.

I am missing or didn't receive some of the parts to properly operate my MoJack lift, how can I get the replacements?

In order to obtain the replacement parts needed, please call 1-877-575-3173. To expedite the replacement process, please ensure that your MoJack is registered prior to calling. (Click here to register your MoJack now)(click here for a detailed part number listing) You can also reference the parts list in your owner's manual.

I am interested in selling MoJack lawn mower lifts to my customers, how do I become a dealer?

We are always happy to hear when dealers can see the value in selling MoJack lifts to their customers. We have set up a convenient distribution network that will make it quick and easy to obtain MoJack lifts for resale. (Click here to find your distributor).

What are the suggested retails for your MoJack lawn mower lifts?

Retails in the market will vary based on many factors but the MoJack suggested retail price for the lifts are as follows:

  • MoJack EZ: $229.99
  • MoJack XT: $339.99
  • MoJack PRO: $449.99
  • MoJack WorkBench Attachment: $99.99

Can I purchase MoJack lifts directly from MoJack?

Visit the MoJack online store to view available products. 

How can I locate the MoJack product that I need?

In order to find the MoJack dealer closest to you please type in your zip code in the box at the top of the page. MoJack is available with many online retailers as well, to place an order online you can (Click this Link) to conveniently find MoJack products online.

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