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Using the MoJack Workbench Attachment

Wednesday, April 25 2012 1:28 PM

Many homeowners neglect their seasonal lawn mower maintenance due to the fact that they simply can’t get the mower up into a position that makes it easy to service. At the beginning or end of every mowing season, your mower typically needs an oil change, a new air filter, a new spark plug, and a blade sharpening (consult your owner’s manual). And unless you prefer to stoop over your mower on the garage floor – or, worse yet, prop it up with blocks or ramps so you can crawl underneath – you’ll need the assistance of a mower lift and a set of ramps to raise your work environment to a bench-height level.

work benchWhen an average residential lawn mower weighs anywhere from 80 pounds to 200 pounds (excluding commercial lawn mowers that can weigh well over 300 pounds), the primary hindrance homeowners typically face when it comes time to service that mower is how to get the machine up off the ground safely. Many homeowners have used blocks and ramps to elevate their mowers for maintenance, but these lifts weren’t made for lawnmowers and seldom allow for an adequate servicing. The MoJack line of lawn mower lifts are designed to lift most residential push mowers, riding mowers, and lawn tractors for tune-ups, blade sharpening, and debris removal. Each of the MoJack lawn mower lifts will elevate the front end of the mower with a quick turn of the winch or screw jack. But when you need to raise the whole mower up to a workbench level, you’ll need a workbench attachment.

The MoJack Workbench Attachment (sold separately) easily converts your MoJack lawn mower lift into a sturdy work table for push mowers and other small machines or other projects. The MoJack Workbench Attachment was developed and engineered to raise your mower to a height that is comfortable for repairs or annual maintenance. The MoJack Workbench Attachment is fully compatible with all three of the MoJack lawn mower lifts: the MoJack EZMoJack XT, and MoJack PRO.

As an extension to the MoJack mower lifts, the Workbench Attachment allows you to make full use of the screw jack (or self-braking winch – depending on the model) and safety-lock pin system that comes with each MoJack mower lift unit. The MoJack Workbench Attachment was designed, engineered and manufactured by MoJack for MoJack – this is not a third-party product.

Got a push mower or a power mower than needs servicing? The MoJack EZ, along with the Workbench Attachment, will allow you to work at a comfortable workbench height when you’re changing plugs, removing air filters, removing the blade for sharpening, or just cleaning the surfaces as part of your end-of-season winterizing.

Got a small engine in the garage that needs repair? If you’re working on your rototiller, mini-bike, snowblower, go-cart, or generator, the workbench inserts that come with the MoJack Workbench Attachment turn any of the MoJack lawn mower lifts into a sturdy worktable for small engines. Working on your mower doesn’t have to be a chore. Why crawl underneath when you can seat yourself at a comfortable height and service your machine as if it were resting on your workbench.

Lawn care and mower experts have said that the MoJack mower lifts are an essential piece of equipment for any homeowner. If you rely on your lawnmower for easy starting and beautiful cuts season after season, you can’t go wrong with a MoJack mower lift and the Workbench Attachment for proper maintenance