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The MoJack Makes it Easy to Maintain Your Mower

Thursday, November 29 2012 4:47 PM

During the mowing season, your mower works hard for you. It’s one of the more frequently used pieces of equipment in your garage. And if you like your lawn neat and green during the spring and summer (and maybe into autumn, depending on which region you live in), your mower requires regular service and maintenance to keep it functioning at optimal levels and trimming your grass neatly and efficiently. Unfortunately, maintaining a mower has its drawbacks. But, the MoJack may have the perfect answer.

Servicing a mower isn’t a terribly difficult job. From push mowers to garden tractors, the parts that need service or maintenance are all pretty much the same. But, if you know anything about lawn mowers, you know that they’re typically heavy. The average push mower weighs anywhere from 80-110 pounds, and the average riding mower weighs in at 300 pounds or more. A full-size garden tractor or zero-turn-radius mower (ZTR) will tip the scales at 500-600 lbs. So, even though you can easily change the oil or replace the air filter and spark plugs without too much trouble, the prospect of elevating or lifting a riding mower or garden tractor so that you can clean grass clippings and debris from the underside or remove the blade for sharpening is a daunting task. But it’s the blade sharpening that makes all the difference in how your mower cuts the grass. Seasonal blade sharpening is what keeps healthy lawns healthy – especially during periods of hot weather or drought.

Blade removal and blade sharpening is often the one thing that most mower owners neglect when performing their annual mower maintenance. You can perform an expert blade sharpening with as little as a metal file or a sharpening stone. But the reason why so many neglect sharpening their mower blades is because it’s too much of a chore to get the blade off a big mower. If you lift a 300 lb. mower with your back and legs, you’re likely to end the day with a pulled muscle or a back strain. And if you prop up the front end of your riding mower or garden tractor with a couple of cinder blocks so that you can get underneath to remove the blade – well, let’s just say you don’t want to do that. Mowers are typically large and heavy and unforgiving. The risk for injury while working under an unsecured mower is considerable. That’s where the MoJack comes in handy.

The MoJack line of lawn mower lifts has been designed to lift nearly every mower type – making mower maintenance and blade removal (for sharpening) quick and easy. The MoJack line of lifts features three different lifts that are precisely engineered to lift every kind of mower from push mowers to garden tractors. Maintaining push mowers and garden tractors has never been easier with MoJack. And the MoJack is also a perfect lift for servicing ATVs and golf carts. So, do it right and do it safely. Get a MoJack and see how easy lawn mower maintenance can be.