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Looking for Holiday Gift Ideas for Men? Give the Gift of MoJack!

Thursday, November 15 2012 6:48 AM

The holiday season is fast approaching. Holiday commercials are already running on TV. The stores are filled with specials. This is a great time of year for gift-giving. But many shoppers are continually puzzled by what to get the man who (seemingly) has everything. If your husband, father, brother, or son is the kind of man who takes great pride in his lawn, we heartily suggest giving them the gift of MoJack!

Some might say that we’re a little biased on this holiday gift idea, but we believe that this is a great gift idea for lawn care enthusiasts. Lawn mowing and lawn care can be a hot and tiresome job. All summer long – under the burning sun and oppressive heat – the guardians of green grass mow and trim and weed and water until the mowing season comes to an end. It is a chore, yes, but a great chore that results in a well-manicured lawn that is the envy of every other house on the block. Therefore, it should be known that every man who takes pride in his lawn must rely on well-tuned equipment. A well-tuned lawn mower or garden tractor with razor-sharp blades helps make a great lawn. And this is why the MoJack is such an ideal holiday gift for the lawn care fanatic on your holiday gift list.

The MoJack line of lawn mower lifts has been designed to lift nearly every mower type – making mower maintenance and blade removal (for sharpening) quick and easy. If there’s a man on your holiday gift list who likes to keep his lawn equipment in good repair, you can give him a break from lifting those 100lb to 300lb mowers up off the garage floor for regular maintenance.

Did you know? Some riding lawn mowers and garden tractors weigh nearly 500 pounds. Lifting or tilting a mower that heavy for maintenance is hard work – if not downright dangerous! So, this holiday season, give your father, brother, husband, or son the gift of safe and easy mower maintenance with the MoJack.

The MoJack is an easy and safe way to lift push mowers, riding mowers, and lawn tractors for cleaning and end-of-season maintenance. In addition, the MoJack is a perfect lift system for blade removal. With the MoJack screw-lift or winch-lift system (depending on the model), it’s nearly effortless to quickly raise mowers. And the safety-lock pin system secures the mower and prevents instability or slipping during routine maintenance or cleaning.

Although the mowing season will certainly be at an end by the time the holidays come around, the MoJack is one of those great gifts for guys that allows them to ready their machinery for the spring and summer the mowing season. Get MoJack for the holidays!