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How to Prevent or Rid Your Yard and Garden of Moles

Monday, February 24 2014 1:17 PM

Moles can be one of the most frustrating pests to face in a lawn or garden. Although they serve a vital role in the environment by reducing insect populations, they also cause extensive damage as they build tunnel systems beneath the ground. Here is how to prevent or rid your garden of moles before an infestation gets out of control.

Identify the Problem Early
The most obvious sign of a mole problem is raised ridges or mounds that occur just along the surface of the soil. Plant damage may also be visible due to the roots being disrupted as the mole moves beneath the surface of the ground. Mole mounds will contain course sod and clumps of dirt that they move out of the way as they enter the ground. To identify if the infestation is still active, pack down the ridges and watch for one to two days. If they reappear, then moles are still using the tunnel route.

Modify the Habitat
Mole prevention should always begin with habitat modification strategies that will make your garden less habitable, including converting lawn are to paths, hedgerows or gardens. Moles rely on an insect diet, and reducing populations of grubs, worms and other insects may encourage them to look elsewhere for food. Packing the earth using a roller may also make it more difficult for moles to burrow and establish a tunnel system. 

Trap Existing Moles
Multiple home remedies have been tried for mole removal; however, most of these have been proven to be ineffective or unsafe for humans and the environment. According to Ohio State University, traps are the most effective method that can be used to rid your garden of moles. Although traps can be used at any time during the year, they work best during the spring and fall seasons. They should also be placed along active and permanent runs since these are used more frequently and often by more than one mole.

When moles set up residence in your garden, it is important to act quickly before they increase their population. Knowing how to identify a mole run and taking action through habitat modification and trapping are the best ways to minimize the damage that moles can cause to your garden.

Mole Infested Lawn