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Electric vs. Gasoline Lawn Mowers

Tuesday, July 24 2012 12:52 PM

There has been much debate over the decision to buy an electric mower or a gas mower. Standing around your local home improvement retailer or garden center, you’ll hear argument after argument coming from the mower section about the benefits of one type over another. Spend any time online and you can find no lack of articles that argue one over the other. And although the decision to select a gasoline-powered mower over one that has an electrical cord attached to it is reliant on a number of factors, most folks will base their decision on personal preference alone. Let’s talk a little about the issue – starting with the electric variety.

Some say that electric mowers don’t have the cutting power of the gas-powered variety. Years ago, this was probably more true than not. Today, with advancements in electric lawn mower technology, the electric models hold up well in side-by-side test comparisons to gas mowers. Electric lawn mowers are also perfect for small lawns. If you own a condo in the city and have a 10×10 patch of grass by your front walk, an electric mower is a great buy because you don’t need any extra room to store gas cans and tune-up supplies. Electric mowers release fewer emissions than gas-powered mowers. True. No argument there. But you can only mow as far as your extension cord will allow. Lastly, with fuel prices constantly fluctuating, some electric mower users talk a lot about the fuel savings over the course of the mowing season. Although this is true, it’s a small savings – somewhere around $10 to $20 per season – and you’re still running up your electricity bill.

On the flip-side of the argument, the gas-powered mower has been a mainstay of the lawn care market since the cylinder (reel) mowers gave way by the 1950s. Gas-powered mowers come with all the power and torque needed to trim dense or thick grass without choking. Gas mowers are also a necessity for any plot of size. You won’t see anyone mowing anything over a third of an acre with an electric mower. And if you keep a neat lawn, you might want to consider a gas-powered mower over the electric kind – as the gas powered mowers create more force to blow clippings into the bagging area. And if you’re a power user – one that does a lot of mowing, trimming, pruning, and sawing – you’re probably more comfortable knowing that you can take your gas-powered mower anywhere duty calls you. Gas mowers are just one part of a lawn and garden arsenal that includes gasoline-powered leaf blowers, chain saws, hedge trimmers, weed whackers, pressure washers, tillers, snow blowers, chippers, and other power equipment.

There’s one thing for certain in the electric mower vs. gasoline-powered mower decision: you’re still going to have to service your mower. Fortunately, the MoJack line of mower lifts will allow you to easily lift or elevate your electric or gasoline-powered mower into a position where you can work on it with ease and safety.

The MoJack lifts have been designed to lift push mowers, riding mowers, and garden tractors. If you have a gas-powered mower, the MoJack lifts make regular tune-ups a snap. And if you have an electric or gas mower, your blade sharpening and post-mowing debris removal is never a hassle.