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DIY, Lawn and Garden Father’s Day 2013 Gift Idea

Monday, June 10 2013 12:37 PM

Read no more. You put in enough work over the course of a year and the last thing you should do is further strain your busy eyes on simple text that is likely to ruin your Father’s Day surprise.

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2013 Father's Day Gift Idea

A Great Gift For a DIY Dad

This glorifying day comes every year: Father’s Day.

June 16th, 2013 is approaching fast and if you’re even slightly interested in buying a gift for Dad that will stand out from the rest, now is the time to start brainstorming Father’s Day gift ideas.

Father’s Day Secret:
Although he won’t admit it, Dad wants a good gift for Father’s Day in 2013.

If he fits the profile of many other dads, he will remain humbly quiet, asking for nothing but “a nice card”, maybe “a new pair of socks,” but if he is truly among the most modest, he will request you get him “nothing.”

Deep breath. Let’s be honest. That’s not really what he wants. And it’s certainly not fair either. He deserves a useful gift that will make Father’s Day 2013 memorable.

While it may be trendy to shop for hot techy gadgets, or keep it safe with a new polo and shorts, Dad is a “do it yourself” type of guy, and there are only so many Father’s Day gift ideas that are unique and useful, that also acknowledge his fatherly DIY skill set.

Exit: New Golf Balls and Club Covers

Enter: MoJack Mower Lifts

He may have every tool for the lawn and garden, but the MoJack line of mower lifts is a perfect way to further grow his lawn care arsenal.

When it comes to safely maintaining your Garden Tractor or Zero Turn Radius mower, MoJack lifts are easy to set up and use. Lawn care enthusiasts agree, MoJack is simply the easiest way to lift mowers for cleaning, maintenance, end-of-season winterizing, blade removal, and/or blade sharpening.

Dad understands that regular maintenance on his mower or tractor will help the engine run smoother, burn cleaner, and even save on fuel costs. He will appreciate your thoughtfulness and consideration to making his lawn and garden hobbies smoother and more efficient, not to mention the benefits a nice looking yard provides the entire family. It’s a win-win.

The MoJack lift product line includes jacks for riding mowers, tractors and push mowers. Many lift models feature a screw-lift or winch-lift system for quick mower raising, as well as a safely-lock pin system to secure the stability of the lifted mower.

You can find MoJack lifts online or in-store through retail partners such as Home DepotSears, andLowes. They are also available at

Make Dad’s Life Easier, Give Him a MoJack.
Wishing all Dads a Happy Father’s Day in 2013!