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Best Practices for Watering Your Yard

Friday, February 21 2014 10:17 AM

Watering is an essential component of every lawn maintenance plan, and it is important to understand how to effectively water your lawn so that you can maintain a lush landscape while conserving natural resources. Here are the best practices for watering your lawn that will keep your grass green and healthy throughout the upcoming season.

Choose the Right Time of Day
Although it may be tempting to water your lawn during the hottest part of the day, this method will only lead to water loss through evaporation. Instead, it is best to wait until the coolest part of the day to water. Typically, this will occur early in the morning or later around dusk. For those who find this too early or late to fit into their schedule, automatic sprinkler timers can be set to make sure this ideal watering time is never missed.

Avoid Watering Too Frequently
As a general rule, lawns do best when they are watered on an infrequent basis. According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, only one inch of water per week is necessary to promote optimum health and growth. During periods of heavy rainfall, it may be necessary to modify your watering schedule to avoid over-soaking your lawn which can lead to browning or rot.

Monitor Absorption
Different soil types absorb water at varying rates. Therefore, it is best to monitor how fast your lawn absorbs water so that you can adjust your routine accordingly. Place flat cans around your lawn and water for 30 minutes. Then, measure how much water has collected. Use this information to calculate how long you will need to run the sprinkler system so that one-inch is applied each time. In areas where run-off occurs, such as on hills and slopes, use a soaker hose to ensure that enough water reaches the roots.

Understanding how to effectively water your lawn will minimize water waste while allowing you to keep your landscape healthy even on the hottest days. By watering during the cool part of the day and monitoring how much water is absorbed, your lawn will flourish throughout the growing season.

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